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How a house is constructed

Step 1. Imported raw materials​

The continuous masonry production production of  company, gives us the advantage of being able to import large amounts of building materials. With the mass import we can achieve better prices, while buying materials of the best quality worldwide.

Step 2. Factory construction


The  company innovates, since the technical defects due to the on-site construction of the masonry now belong to the distant past.

Our company constructs the masonry in the factory, using TORX screws, and always strictly following predefined construction steps.

The advantages of the factory production are of crucial importance. It offers an absolute assembly of the parts of each wall (timber, OSB) and zero loosing through time is achieved.

The ready masonry parts act as monolithic bodies, as bearing walls, which respond to any type of oscillation. This way, we have a high seismic resistance and most of all, the robustness and quality of  our construction is ensured.

Step 3. Transportation and installation

The factory masonry pieces are loaded on privately owned trucks and cranes, carried to the site and they are clamped on the concrete base.The assembling is done wall by wall in a minimum amount of time.

The installation on the concrete base is done with absolute accuracy using laser leveling equipment, which can corner and align the masonry on the horizontal and vertical levels at a maximum accuracy level.

Step 4. Completion and delivery

The  construction, loyal to the high quality, equips and completes each house using the most modern solutions, not only for the design but for the functionality as well.

Every material comes with a guarantee and an origin certificate. Upon delivery of a complete house, the customer receives a folio with all the guarantees and the certificates of the construction.