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Information package

Why Oikia?

“Oikia-Quality Housing” in collaboration with “Kofinas SA” offers prefabricated houses of high quality in the best prices! Any house design can be realized and delivered in very short notice. The cell production and delivery can be achieved in less than two months from the placement of the order! “Oikia”/Kofinas produces the house and installs it on a basement or a concrete slab prepared in advance. All our houses come with triple glazing aluminum, composite PVC or wooden frames installed, interior gypsum board covering, exterior plastering and other coatings completed. “Oikia-Quality Housing” can proceed with the rest of work needed for the project completion in collaboration with other well-established construction companies.

Our Eco-friendly houses are fabricated with certified materials having the least possible impact on people’s health and the environment.


Material selection:

Selected Swedish Pine is used for the masonry. This is a very dense wood type, compact for better moisture resistance. Canadian OSB shielding from the OLP factory having high mechanical strength and superior quality on the international level is supporting the masonry.  

Environmental friendly materials are selected for all construction elements. 

Production methods:

All our houses are fully-factory produced by  “Kofinas SA”  that constructs for “Oikia-Quality Housing” each masonry piece in the factory always following strictly specified, ISO 9001 standardized production steps.

Energy efficiency and ecological design: 

The “Oikia-Quality Housing” construction, apart from the maximum thermal-insulation provided by the masonry with a factor that reaches as low as 0,09 W/m2K, can offer you a variety of options in order to further improve the energy efficiency of your new house, something that has not only an ecological impact, but also reduces the expenses of the household, since less is needed for heating, watering and electricity.

Being confident for the selected materials, the fabrication method and the competence of our collaborators “Oikia-Quality Housing”  is able to offer up to 50 years (!) guarantee for the load currying structure (the wooden frame) and six (6) years for all other equipment and processes are under our responsibility. 

“Oikia-Quality Housing” would be always close with advice and suggestions. And that is the most important thing… to keep our relation warm, honest… homely, like it began!