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Why Oikia
Interior design
Construction technology 

We are proud of what we do Creatign style and comfort



Our objective is to provide wooden frame houses built with high quality and being pleasant to live in. But when buying a house from us, we are also ready to provide solutions that make your interior modern, cozy and relaxing. And all this, in the most affordable prices of the Swiss market.

The only thing you have to do is to ask us to come up with ideas and plans for your new house.

And do not ever forget: Oikia - Quality Housing provides qualitative and long lasting products.


Being confident for the selected materials, our ISO 9001 standardized production process, and the competences of our collaborators, we, at Oikia - Quality Housing are able to offer up to 50 years (!) guarantee for the load currying structure (the wooden frame) and six years guarantee for all other equipment provided and processes completed  under our responsibility.

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Listen to families that entrusted their homes to us

In the year 1989 we commissioned the construction of a PREFAB residence to KOFINAS Company. Since, 18 years after, the residence holds perfectly. The great materials, the flawless personnel and the excellent cooperation with mr Michalis Kofinas contributed to that wonderful result.
Therefore, the choice of KOFINAS Company proved correct because we enjoy a marvelous house and thus we express to you our thanks.

Petalas Basileios – Ioanna Galani

Athens, Greece

For us to build a house on our beautiful island, Kastos was life dream.

From the first moment when we visited KOFINAS Company, we realized that our dream will become true.

Giannis- Themis

Kastos Island, Greece

Exceptional people with morals values, kindness, teamwork, with a willingness to listen, to understand and to help you in any way.

Above all this they are distinguished by professionalism and consistency.

Eudokia and Vagelis Konstantinos

Volos, Greece

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